Auto Solutions

Finally a low cost product to almost completely cover unexpected and sizeable motoring costs, to allow the motorist to control their motoring budget!

Auto Solutions provides complete peace of mind for today's motorists, a membership to take care of the motorist and their car and keep them on the road.

Vehicle Health Check

An annual vehicle "health check" is included within Auto Solutions membership providing a comprehensive 14 point visual report to provide peace of mind

Tyre Insurance

Tyres can easily be damaged through no fault of the driver and can be extremely expensive to replace, which can put a sting in motoring. We provide cover 1,200 per annum.

Points Protector

Points Protector membership provides you with up to a maximum annual benefit of 6,000 if you are disqualified for speeding or totting up offences to pay for alternative transport.

MoT Failure

Auto Solutions MoT Test Failure provides up to 750 cover to protect against the unexpected to keep them on the road should their car fail its MoT.

Mechanical Breakdown

Auto Solutions warranty can provide up to 2,000 cover to protect against unexpected mechanical breakdown to keep them on the road.

Personal Accident

Motorist personal accident provides 10,000 benefit in the event of accidental death or permanent disablement whilst driving.

Income Solutions

Income Solutions provides a monthly cash benefit of 750 to cover any motoring expenses with no penalties or hidden charges often included within other plans.

Auto Alert

Auto Alert provides an emergency response centre to contact the owner of the vehicle to alert them of any reported emergencies, providing further peace of mind. Auto Solutions