Principal Marketing: Business Products

Business Products


  • Points Protector - up to 6,000 towards recruitment of replacement employees, employment of temporary staff or to cover the insured employees travel costs should they lose their licence through accruing 12 or more points

Insurance Aggregator

  • Insurance Aggregator Website/Call Centre - provides a white labelled website to integrate within your own where customers can compare the market for a variety of insurance products where you earn commission per sale and also for call referrals

Legal Solutions

  • Legal Solutions - range of interactive web and phone based legal solutions, including HR, Health & Safety, Debt Recovery,Standard Contracts and many more


  • Commercial Emergency Breakdown- unique to the market, providing up to 500 towards each emergency, including plumbing and drainage failure, heating and electrical failures
  • Business Property Alert- alerts you or your nominated contact if there's an incident or emergency at your commercial property in your absence and can help resolve the issue
  • Business Property Solutions 24/7- helpline that provides fully vetted contractors to deal with property maintenance and emergency repairs on a pay-on-use basis