Business Property Alert

What will happen if there's an out of hours emergency at your property?

If there is an incident and there's no-one who has your contact number to inform you, the situation could escalate.

Anything could happen!

  • The premises are closed and there's been a suspected break in
  • There is a fire or flood at the property and the emergency services are trying to contact you
  • You leave the keys in the front door or the door is left open
  • There's a flood in the floor above your premises and water is coming through the ceiling

How does Business Property Alert work?

  • You register your details and nominated contacts with Business Property Alert
  • Business Property Alert will send you a window sticker displaying our 24 hour emergency telephone number
  • Emergency Services/Passer By/Neighbour calls the emergency telephone number on the sticker to report the incident
  • Emergency Contact Centre calls on a loop to ensure that you or your nominated contacts is advised of the emergency
  • Repairs can be organised at your request on a pay-on-use basis


Membership provides the Business Property Alert sticker to place in a prominent position in the window of the premises with a dedicated contact number.
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Business Property Alert