Case Studies

Product Design

Principal Marketing has a wealth of experience that is reflected in the results delivered to our clients; here are just a few case studies to highlight our success:


"widen product range with an additional income stream"

RIAS desired to provide the Home Emergency Breakdown Assistance product as an add-on that could be up-sold alongside the Home Insurance offering to provide an additional stream of incremental income.

Principal Marketing sourced underwriting, administrative and servicing capacity for a nation-wide scheme, negotiating to deliver the product at the best price to the client. Principal Marketing also provided marketing consultancy, identifying new cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

As a result the sales of the product have increased in excess of 1,000% over the past seven years, with many customers now enjoy the benefits of Home Emergency Breakdown Assistance.

Northern Energy

"customer recruitment and retention"

Northern Energy wanted to provide an added value service to their customers with oil boilers and to aid customer recruitment and retention programmes, but the main problem was the scarcity of qualified engineers.

Principal Marketing produced a scheme that provides fully qualified and vetted engineers and two tiers for the different oil packages that they offer their customers.

As a result they have managed to significantly aid their customer recruitment and retention, differentiating from their competitors by offering a far superior package for the past eight years.

Reliance Security

"adding value"

In the highly competitive security sector, the client was looking to provide an added value product to selected customers in the SME market.

Principal Marketing designed an insured emergency breakdown product when combined with the security service provided a complete emergency service for the SME's premises.

Affinity Schemes

Auto Trader

Principal Marketing have developed an auto related income protection policy, designed to cover customer's motoring costs to keep them on the road should they be unable to work due to Accident, Sickness or Unemployment.

The product has been designed to be competitively priced and transparent in reaction to the recent actions of the FSA, providing the customer with valuable cover in the turbulent economic climate.

Auto Trader customers have been tele-marketed the product, with the scheme being fully managed by Principal Marketing, achieving healthy decision maker contact rates and conversion.

As a result, Auto Trader have received a healthy commission from the activity.

Unsecured Credit Company

The Unsecured Credit Company were looking for additional revenue, free of costs to them. Principal Marketing provide direct marketing of suitable insurance products related to their unsecured loan customer base.

Principal Marketing identified the characteristics and profile of the customer base through various stages of testing and went about sourcing suitable products from reliable providers. Principal Marketing have fully managed the marketing strategy and message with the providers to produce the best possible results.

As a result, the direct marketing activity has produced a healthy and steady stream of income to the client.
Case Studies