Guaranteed Over 50's Plan

The simple way to leave a lump sum for a nominated beneficiary to help to provide cash for:
  • Funeral expenses
  • Outstanding bills
  • A nest egg for a loved one

Guaranteed Acceptance

If you are aged 50 to 85 you are guaranteed to be accepted without any medical or health related questions

The fixed cash sum will be made once you have been paying into the plan for two years, but if you die within the first two years the premiums paid plus half again will be paid to the beneficiary

Affordable, inexpensive cover to suit your budget

You can chose a policy that won't break your budget with premiums starting from as little as 6 per month.

The cover level and monthly payments will not alter throughout the life of the policy.


  • No medical required
  • No medical history required
  • Guaranteed acceptance if between 50 and 85
  • Premiums as low as 6 per month
  • Triple travel accident death benefit from day one
  • First month's premium is free
  • Free welcome gift
Guaranteed Over 50's Plan