Home Alert

If there's an emergency and you're not at home what could happen?

If there is an incident at your home in your absence and you're not informed, the situation could severely escalate.

Anything could happen!

  • You're away on holiday and there's been a suspected break in
  • A neighbour is concerned for the welfare of the occupier
  • There is a fire or flood at the property and the emergency services are trying to contact you
  • You leave the keys in the front door or the door is left open
  • There's a flood in the apartment above and water is coming through the ceiling
  • You're at work and a window is broken, leaving the property insecure

How does it work?

  • Home Alert

      sticker placed in the window/visible place
  • Emergency Services/Passer By/Neighbour calls

      the dedicated number to report the emergency
  • Call Centre

      calls you or one of your nominated contacts
  • Repairs

      can be arranged by the contact centre at your request through our UK network of fully vetted contractors on a pay-on-use basis
Home Alert