Our services include:

Develop Increased Streams of Revenue

We can provide low cost, high perceived value additional benefits to compliment your core product, by way of mandatory inclusion or optional purchase.

Develop Additional Streams of Revenue

We can utilise your customer database on an affinity basis to direct market suitable and leading insurance based products, managing and monitoring the campaign throughout to provide you with a significant additional stream of revenue.

Enhance Customer Recruitment and Retention Programmes

We can assist you in building a product package that suits your specific customer profile. By offering additional products of real value to your customers with good service levels, you can enjoy higher customer retention and improve long term profitability.

Product Differentiation

We have learnt over the years that within a market place you need to have something that stands out from the rest of the crowd. There are a variety of elements that make your product different; price, product benefits and service levels. We can tailor-make a product with you to create a perfect offer to suit your specific customer requirements.

Improve Brand Loyalty

Offering your customers a quality product with a great service will help secure their loyalty for future purchases. Working together we can give your customers a reason to never look anywhere else.

Add Value to Products & Services

Principal Marketing has extensive experience in adding value to core products. We provide innovative, tangible elements to our clients core product, allowing you to stand out from their competitors.

Improve Marketing Data

We can rejuvenate and enrich your data, by offering a range of 'free' products to your customer base. We have extensive experience of working with clients to optimise the value and income derived from an existing database.


Principal Marketing has a wide product base that is innovative, fresh and proven to succeed in building, enhancing and increasing revenue streams.