Points Protector

What would you do if you lost your driving licence?

It's easy to take your car for granted. Ever thought how stuck you'd be if you couldn't just jump in the car and go to work, the supermarket or drop the kids off.


Just one speeding offence or 12 points clocked up over 3 years could cost you your licence and with one motorist caught speeding every 15 seconds if might soon be you! And you don't have to be a bad driver to get disqualified, 83% of people with points on their license got them only for speeding offences.

One flash from a Speed Camera and the Summons is in the post!

Convictions are increasing as photographic evidence becomes computerised. Over 2 million UK motorists were caught by speed cameras last year and with over 5,000 speed cameras in the UK are you the next one to be caught?

Can you afford to risk it?

A speed camera detection device might just warn you, assuming you are prepared to pay upwards of 200 for it and some such as laser diffuser 'cloaking' systems may even be illegal.

What offences are covered?

We don't just cover for speeding offences, we cover for a range of offences that attract 3 penalty points, including:

  • Construction and use offences
  • Motorway offences
  • Pedestrian crossing offences
  • Speed offences (3 points per offence)
  • Traffic direction/sign offences

What offences are not covered?

  • Accident offences
  • Careless driving
  • Drink or drugs
  • Driving whilst disqualified
  • Insurance offences
  • Licence offences
  • Miscellaneous offences
  • Reckless/dangerous driving
  • Theft/unauthorised use

Keeps you on the road..

Points Protector membership provides you with up to a maximum annual benefit of 6,000 if you are disqualified for speeding or totting up offences. Use it for alternative transport - you choose whether it's a taxi, train, bus or driver!
Points Protector